Core Curriculum

5.) Releasability & Skin Protection

All adaptive watersport outfitting must be evaluated for standards of releasability and skin protection. These are likely the two most important safety considerations for adaptive watersport outfitting.

Releasability includes avoiding entrapment within a watercraft as well as quick and simple detachment from all devices. A person must be able to quickly and easily detach from all equipment except the lifejacket in order to get out from under a capsized watercraft and turn from face down to face up in the water.

Skin protection presents another significant safety consideration. Breakdown of the skin and the tissues below the skin (pressure ulcers) can have significant consequences. Adaptive outfitting must also adequately protect against sharp or abrasive objects.
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  • Critical Eye for Releasability
  • Preventing Abrasions and Tears
  • Preventing Pressure Ulcers
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  • Skin Protection Test
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